We are a team of diverse, ambitious and world-changing makers, entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists who are building the future of intelligent surfaces. We believe the seemingly impossible opportunities are the ones most worth chasing.



Ryan Marchewka


Background in nanotechnology engineering  •  Experience with quantum dot display technology and thin-film transistors  •  Enjoys video games, learning and teaching quantum mechanics and bouldering  •  Lived in 4 states and 2 provinces, dislikes dates (the fruit) with a passion.


Matt Lavrisa


Background in nanotechnology engineering  •  Experience with novel display technologies and battery technologies  •  Enjoys cycling, app development and meditation  •  Building a genetic algorithm to design an AI  •  Owns the cutest cat.

Core Team


Injla Khan

Advanced Display Materials Engineer - Product Manager

MASc in polymer engineering  •  Experience with custom polymers and taking product from lab to production  •  Crazy plant lady, enjoys planning trips and travelling (in that order)  •  loves a good lemon tart  •  Has two very conflicting interests: polymers and skincare.


Iamnica Linares Mendez

Advanced Display Materials Synthetic Chemist

PhD in Supramolecular Chemistry  •  Experienced in aromatic interactions, hydrogen bond arrays and organic chromophores  •  Enjoys sweets (cooking and eating them), physical challenges and walking in bookstores  •  Native Spanish speaker, "competent" English speaker and "survival" Chinese speaker.


Sara Abuadas

Advanced Display Materials Synthetic Chemist

MSc in Organic Chemistry

Co-op / Intern Alumni


Display Materials and Electronics Technician, S'19

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